FIRST MUTUAL FINANCIAL CORP. Specializing in "Alternative Finance" For Over 32 Years!
FIRST MUTUAL FINANCIAL CORP.  Specializing in "Alternative Finance"             For Over 32 Years!

Consulting Partner for Business/Financial Matters, Houston, Texas

An overview of our benefits

  • Asset-Based loans
  • Private Equity
  • Consulting

FIRST MUTUAL FINANCIAL CORP. was founded by Jay E. Cohen, its President, for the purpose of filling a financing niche that had been sorely neglected.  We continue to fill that niche today.  While headquartered in Houston, Texas, we can also service any area of the U.S.  There has been and will be a need for "alternate financing", and First Mutual Financial Corp . has proven that we can fill that need, by using our experience and knowledge to complete a transaction successfully. 


You can benefit from our years of experience, as well as from the professional and reliable manner in which we conduct business. FIRST MUTUAL FINANCIAL CORP. helps you find the right solutions for your financial needs.  Our benefits above can combine financing products to better serve our customers.


First Mutual Financial Corp . can act as your partner in arranging the proper financing for your specific case, and can help you make intelligent decisions for the future of your business.


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5107 Del Monte Drive

Suite #4

Houston, Texas 77056


Or you can reach us at 713 298-3115





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