FIRST MUTUAL FINANCIAL CORP. Specializing in "Alternative Finance" For Over 32 Years!
FIRST MUTUAL FINANCIAL CORP.  Specializing in "Alternative Finance"             For Over 32 Years!

Some Completed Transactions

* Permanent Real Estate Loan- $1,425,000- Owner-Occupied Property

* Accounts Receivable Credit Facility- $2,300,000- Distributor

* Real Estate Loan on 322 acres of Raw Land- $2,958,000- Investor

* Term Equipment Loan- $750,000- Crane Lifting Services Company

* Contract Financing- $450,000- Tire Recycler

* Management Buyout and Equity Funding- $2,500,000-Specialized Construction Co.

* Asset-Based Accounts Receivable Loan- $750,000- Scrap Metal Company

* Real Estate, Equipment, and Receivable Loan- $4,500,000- Land and Cattle Company

* Takeover of a Construction Contract- $496,000- Asbestos Abatement Company

* Major Asset Sale- $9,400,000- 4 Crew Boats

* Equity Investment- $1,200,000- Oil Production Company

* Management Buyout/Company Sale- $1,630,000- Crane Company

* Purchase of a Real Estate Note- $1,100,000- Equity Real Estate Company

* Interim Construction Loan- $2,300,000- Condos in San Miguel, Mexico

* Equity Investment for Internet Company- $1,800,000- British Investor

* Accounts Receivable Credit Facility- $628,000- Speed Boat Motor Manufacturer

* Accounts Receivable Credit Facility- $1,000,000- Technical Staffing Company

* Arranged Logistics for a US Military Mfg. Co. for Shipments to IRAQ- $6,000,000

* Debt Restructure- A/R, RE, Equipment- $25,000,000- Trucking Company

* Purchase Order Financing- $2,000,000- Clothing Manufacturer in Mexico

* Accounts Receivable Credit Facility- $350,000- Logistics Company

* Revolver and Term Loan- $550,000- Trucking Company


These are just a few of our transactions showing our diversity. 






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